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The Paragon name was born from the desire to create the perfect Defender. A paragon is regarded as an ideal example of a particular quality - an object viewed as a model of excellence. At Paragon Defenders, we take the classic beloved Land Rover Defenders, strip them to their core, and make them more spectacular than when they were new. Our designers never stop pushing the boundaries to find unique and custom ways to bring out the original concept behind the Land Rover name - exploration and curiosity.



We inject our passion into every build we take on. Starting with ambition, drive, Adventure, and heavy anticipation to enhance the original design and take it to new heights. After great attention to detail, pulling out all the stops, and pushing mechanical and style limits to the maximum, what you have is a model of excellence— A Paragon.



For the outdoor extremist at heart, it even had an optional hard roof." Fast forward thirty years, and the fascination is still alive, the vehicles are still in motion, and the following has not wavered for those looking for ruggedness and reliability.

On the heels of the first success, Land Rover released the Defender in 1983, most commonly known as "Defender, D90, D110, or D130," labeled according to the wheelbase. For a brief period, there was also a D127. The widely popular Defender line ran for thirty-three years until 2016, with more than two million cars in existence. Over three decades, the Defender was made with such perfection, reliability, and reputation for classic lines that minimal changes were made.

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