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Discover the art of luxury in every custom-built Defender. Each vehicle is a unique fusion of style, performance, and individuality, tailored to your needs. Embrace the extraordinary with Paragon Defenders

Mt Judah

Mt Judah is a bespoke D110  finished in Chawton White Satin. A Beluga Black roof and eyebrows accent it. The interior is wrapped in gorgeous Oatmeal Caledonian leather, accenting the Exmoor seats.

LS3 480

Featuring a California compliant LS3 E-Rod under the Puma hood, and 6L80E automatic transmission.


It's not about having the latest; it's about having the tried and true. With off-road capabilities that stand the test of time, it's a reminder that sometimes, the best way forward is to take a step back

Experience the journey

bespoke configurations

At Paragon, we pride ourselves on offering the ultimate level of transparency during the creation of your custom Land Rover Defender. With each step of the process, we provide comprehensive updates, including vivid images and tangible material samples, enabling you to witness every stage of your vehicle's transformation. We believe that reveling in the journey of your Paragon Defender, from its humble beginnings to its luxurious completion, is an essential part of the experience

Unrivaled Build

Our dedication to the build process is unparalleled, focusing on quality, attention to detail, and tailoring each Land Rover Defender to our clients' unique preferences.

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Building Your Dream Defender

At Paragon Defenders, each vehicle is a masterpiece, meticulously rebuilt and customized to meet your exact specifications. From vintage restoration to modern customization, we blend timeless design with contemporary luxury. Our restored Defenders are more than just refurbished; they are reborn, each with a story to tell.

Join the legacy of Land Rover Defender enthusiasts. Explore our range of services, from custom builds to professional restorations, and find the Defender that speaks to your spirit of adventure. At Paragon Defenders, your dream Defender awaits.

SEV1 In the Moutains

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Ready to embark on your own journey with Paragon? Take the first step towards owning a truly unique and luxurious Land Rover Defender tailored to your needs and desires.

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